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ClusterRole is a cluster level, logical grouping of PolicyRules that can be referenced as a unit by a RoleBinding or ClusterRoleBinding.




  • ApiObject
    • KubeClusterRole




  • Defines a "io.k8s.api.rbac.v1.ClusterRole" API object


    • scope: Construct

      the scope in which to define this object

    • id: string

      a scope-local name for the object

    • props: KubeClusterRoleProps = {}

      initialization props

    Returns KubeClusterRole


Readonly apiGroup

apiGroup: string

The group portion of the API version (e.g. authorization.k8s.io)

Readonly apiVersion

apiVersion: string

The object's API version (e.g. authorization.k8s.io/v1)

Readonly chart

chart: Chart

The chart in which this object is defined.

Readonly kind

kind: string

The object kind.

Readonly metadata

metadata: ApiObjectMetadataDefinition

Metadata associated with this API object.

Readonly name

name: string

The name of the API object.

If a name is specified in metadata.name this will be the name returned. Otherwise, a name will be generated by calling Chart.of(this).generatedObjectName(this), which by default uses the construct path to generate a DNS-compatible name for the resource.

Readonly node

node: Node

The tree node.

Static Readonly GVK

GVK: GroupVersionKind = ...

Returns the apiVersion and kind for "io.k8s.api.rbac.v1.ClusterRole"



  • addDependency(...dependencies: IConstruct[]): void
  • Create a dependency between this ApiObject and other constructs. These can be other ApiObjects, Charts, or custom.


    • Rest ...dependencies: IConstruct[]

      the dependencies to add.

    Returns void


  • addJsonPatch(...ops: JsonPatch[]): void
  • Applies a set of RFC-6902 JSON-Patch operations to the manifest synthesized for this API object.


    kubePod.addJsonPatch(JsonPatch.replace('/spec/enableServiceLinks', true));


    • Rest ...ops: JsonPatch[]

      The JSON-Patch operations to apply.

    Returns void


  • toJson(): any
  • Renders the object to Kubernetes JSON.

    Returns any


  • toString(): string
  • Returns a string representation of this construct.

    Returns string

Static isConstruct

  • isConstruct(x: any): x is Construct
  • Checks if x is a construct.

    Use this method instead of instanceof to properly detect Construct instances, even when the construct library is symlinked.

    Explanation: in JavaScript, multiple copies of the constructs library on disk are seen as independent, completely different libraries. As a consequence, the class Construct in each copy of the constructs library is seen as a different class, and an instance of one class will not test as instanceof the other class. npm install will not create installations like this, but users may manually symlink construct libraries together or use a monorepo tool: in those cases, multiple copies of the constructs library can be accidentally installed, and instanceof will behave unpredictably. It is safest to avoid using instanceof, and using this type-testing method instead.


    • x: any

      Any object

    Returns x is Construct

    true if x is an object created from a class which extends Construct.

Static manifest

  • Renders a Kubernetes manifest for "io.k8s.api.rbac.v1.ClusterRole".

    This can be used to inline resource manifests inside other objects (e.g. as templates).


    Returns any

Static of

  • of(c: IConstruct): ApiObject
  • Returns the ApiObject named Resource which is a child of the given construct. If c is an ApiObject, it is returned directly. Throws an exception if the construct does not have a child named Default or if this child is not an ApiObject.


    • c: IConstruct

      The higher-level construct

    Returns ApiObject

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