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JobSpec describes how the job execution will look like.




  • JobSpec



Optional Readonly activeDeadlineSeconds

activeDeadlineSeconds: number

Specifies the duration in seconds relative to the startTime that the job may be continuously active before the system tries to terminate it; value must be positive integer. If a Job is suspended (at creation or through an update), this timer will effectively be stopped and reset when the Job is resumed again.



Optional Readonly backoffLimit

backoffLimit: number

Specifies the number of retries before marking this job failed. Defaults to 6





Optional Readonly completionMode

completionMode: string

CompletionMode specifies how Pod completions are tracked. It can be NonIndexed (default) or Indexed.

NonIndexed means that the Job is considered complete when there have been .spec.completions successfully completed Pods. Each Pod completion is homologous to each other.

Indexed means that the Pods of a Job get an associated completion index from 0 to (.spec.completions - 1), available in the annotation batch.kubernetes.io/job-completion-index. The Job is considered complete when there is one successfully completed Pod for each index. When value is Indexed, .spec.completions must be specified and .spec.parallelism must be less than or equal to 10^5.

This field is alpha-level and is only honored by servers that enable the IndexedJob feature gate. More completion modes can be added in the future. If the Job controller observes a mode that it doesn't recognize, the controller skips updates for the Job.



Optional Readonly completions

completions: number

Specifies the desired number of successfully finished pods the job should be run with. Setting to nil means that the success of any pod signals the success of all pods, and allows parallelism to have any positive value. Setting to 1 means that parallelism is limited to 1 and the success of that pod signals the success of the job. More info: https://kubernetes.io/docs/concepts/workloads/controllers/jobs-run-to-completion/



Optional Readonly manualSelector

manualSelector: boolean

manualSelector controls generation of pod labels and pod selectors. Leave manualSelector unset unless you are certain what you are doing. When false or unset, the system pick labels unique to this job and appends those labels to the pod template. When true, the user is responsible for picking unique labels and specifying the selector. Failure to pick a unique label may cause this and other jobs to not function correctly. However, You may see manualSelector=true in jobs that were created with the old extensions/v1beta1 API. More info: https://kubernetes.io/docs/concepts/workloads/controllers/jobs-run-to-completion/#specifying-your-own-pod-selector



Optional Readonly parallelism

parallelism: number

Specifies the maximum desired number of pods the job should run at any given time. The actual number of pods running in steady state will be less than this number when ((.spec.completions - .status.successful) < .spec.parallelism), i.e. when the work left to do is less than max parallelism. More info: https://kubernetes.io/docs/concepts/workloads/controllers/jobs-run-to-completion/



Optional Readonly selector

selector: LabelSelector

A label query over pods that should match the pod count. Normally, the system sets this field for you. More info: https://kubernetes.io/docs/concepts/overview/working-with-objects/labels/#label-selectors



Optional Readonly suspend

suspend: boolean

Suspend specifies whether the Job controller should create Pods or not. If a Job is created with suspend set to true, no Pods are created by the Job controller. If a Job is suspended after creation (i.e. the flag goes from false to true), the Job controller will delete all active Pods associated with this Job. Users must design their workload to gracefully handle this. Suspending a Job will reset the StartTime field of the Job, effectively resetting the ActiveDeadlineSeconds timer too. This is an alpha field and requires the SuspendJob feature gate to be enabled; otherwise this field may not be set to true. Defaults to false.





Readonly template

template: PodTemplateSpec

Describes the pod that will be created when executing a job. More info: https://kubernetes.io/docs/concepts/workloads/controllers/jobs-run-to-completion/



Optional Readonly ttlSecondsAfterFinished

ttlSecondsAfterFinished: number

ttlSecondsAfterFinished limits the lifetime of a Job that has finished execution (either Complete or Failed). If this field is set, ttlSecondsAfterFinished after the Job finishes, it is eligible to be automatically deleted. When the Job is being deleted, its lifecycle guarantees (e.g. finalizers) will be honored. If this field is unset, the Job won't be automatically deleted. If this field is set to zero, the Job becomes eligible to be deleted immediately after it finishes. This field is alpha-level and is only honored by servers that enable the TTLAfterFinished feature.



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